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This shaft is the most widely used shaft in college lacrosse, giving it prestege for being one of the best shafts out there. It is a cross between the stx scandium and the stx titanium. It is lighter than the stx titanium and stronger than the stx scandium. If you are looking for a VERY high end shaft, then you may want to give the sc-ti a go. It comes with a compromise, though. The price tag reaches 180$! This is a very expensive shaft, but it is also very light and strong, going far and beyond just about every shaft on the market.

Sc-Ti Pro

If you are thinking about the sc-ti, then maybe you should give the stx sc-ti pro a run for its money. This shaft is even better, it is about 20% stronger, and just as light. The sc-ti pro is about as far as you can go when looking for a great all around shaft, it is lightweight and practically indestructible, too. The college lacrosse players also seem to favor it, and that should be reason enough to think this shaft is just the best out there.

As a d pole, the sc-ti is amazing, because of how strong it is while still being very light. It is a favorite of many college lacrosse teams’ defenses, like syracuse. This a great shaft if you want to play balanced defense, because although it is light, it is not as light as the krypto pro, and it is very strong, so you should use this shaft to place harder, pretty fast checks, which are in my opinion the most effective. Also, if you go for a sc-ti pro defense shaft, then the strength will just be overkill.

This shaft is a mix of the stx scandium and stx titanium. The stx scandium weighs 5.7 ounces and can withstand 92,700 psi. The stx titanium is the heavier and stronger shaft of the two, weighing 7.5 ounces and able to withstand 125,000 psi. If you mix those together, plus the stx sc-ti pro 20% strength increase, you have a very strong shaft, as well as a pretty light one, too.

The sc-ti pro cost only a small amount more than the original sc-ti, so i think that it is a good buy. It is a top of the line lacrosse shaft, but it is worth the money. So, if you are looking for a great all around shaft and have some extra cash, go ahead and go sc-ti pro.


STX Scandium

One of the lightest shafts out there is the stx scandium, weighing in at 5.7 ounces. Really, if a shaft is anywhere in the 5′s or 6′s then it can be called a light shaft. It is slightly lighter than the kryptolyte, but not as light as the krypto pro, which isSTX Scandium Pro Picture actually not a problem at all. If you want this shaft as an attack shaft, then it is at a perfect weight, especially if you use a high pocket. This is because if you have a shaft lighter than around 5.5 ounces, there is a problem with holding the shaft vertically with one hand, it will want to fall into a horizontal position, so really this shaft is at a perfect weight. For its weight, it is very durable, more than the warrior kryptolyte or warrior krypto pro, although still less than the heavier titanium shafts, but not by much. Compared to the much more expensive stx sc-ti pro, a mash up of the stx scandium and the stx titanium, it is lighter but dents and breaks more easily. If you cannot afford the sc-ti pro, then I would use this shaft over the titanium, just because that shaft is too heavy to pull off fast moves.

This shaft is generally priced around 100$, so it costs just as much as alot of other high end shafts. The stx scandium is definitely worth the price, especially because of its perfect weight and reasonable durability.

STX Scandium Pro

The stx scandium pro weighs an equal amount compared to the original scandium, but is alot more durable. It does not cost much more than the original shaft, so if you are playing in middle school level or higher, the strength is a definite must, because once you get to that point you will be needing the extra strength. With that extra strength and equal weight, that makes the scandium even better, very strong for 5.7 ounces.

As a d pole, this is a great shaft, especially if you use the pro version, because it will not dent easily when you are delivering those hard hits. With its light weight, you will be able to hit more accurately and harder, as well. So, I think it is a great buy as a d pole. For price, the stx scandium pro d pole costs usually around 145$ online, which is a great price for its abilities.

So, if you are looking for a lightweight shaft that is still durable, try the stx scandium, or even better add the stx scandium pro to your lacrosse equipment.


Warrior Dolomite vs. Warrior Krypto Pro

There has been a war waging between the warrior dolomite and the warrior krypto pro for a while now. The krypto pro is the lighter of the two, but the dolomite is stronger- by a good amount, too. I would say that the dolomite is the better choice, but then money comes into play, it is 30$ extra. That is alot of extra cash considering you are already investing 100+ dollars either way, but it is a higher quality shaft when you get down to it. I personally think that if you are already spending that much cash(which you will be in the case of most lacrosse shafts) then 30 extra dollars shouldn’t be digging too much more of a hole.

The extra weight isn’t much, anyways. A fraction of an ounce is not going to reflect on your performance by that much. And if the extra strength saves you another trip back to the lacrosse store to buy a new shaft when your old one dents too much or even breaks, then the extra 30 dollars is a great investment. Whether you go warrior dolomite or warrior krypto pro you are making a good investment in the form of never outgrowing the lacrosse equipment, both shafts can handle middle school, high school, or even college level lacrosse anyways.


Warrior Dolomite Diamond

For ten extra dollars(now your up to 40 extra dollars, right), you can get the warrior dolomite diamond. The difference between both shafts is that the dolomite diamond has a great grip on it, called the diamond grip, which is like having all over grip tape that doesn’t add any weight to the shaft, and doesn’t wear off. That’s right, it never wears off. This grip is amazing, I love it and use it myself. It is well worth the extra 10 bucks, they could charge 3 times that and it would still be worth it. If you are going dolomite, diamonds the way to go.

As a d pole, the warrior dolomite d pole is among the most popular, and for good reason. The warrior dolomite d pole’s durability is astounding, and when you are delivering hits hard enough to knock a 200 pound varsity attack player ten feet back, you are going to need it. Plus, its weight means that you can hit very quickly and accurately, although your checks will not be as hard as if you were using a heavier shaft. The warrior dolomite diamond is also a great upgrade, the diamond grip is just fantastic.

STX Alliance

This has to be the most technologically advanced shaft on the market. The shaft flexes! And, not only that, it flexes the right amount depending on how you play, if you pick out the right STX Alliance. It is a quite expensive shaft, priced at $175 as a short stick (!), but it is worth every penny. There is a limited selection of lacrosse shafts at that price range, but you can expect them all to be top of the line, and used by the pros. Really, the big competition against this shaft is the STX Sc-Ti Pro (although they are both made by STX). Basically, the STX Sc-Ti Pro has strength/weight ratio, STX Alliance has flex technology. Either way, you will dominate against the competition.


STX Alliance 85

The STX Alliance 85 is the most flexible of the line of shafts, and is made for players who rely mostly on speed to perform in lacrosse. The flex will help with more power, allowing a more balanced game play. I recommend this shaft for the smaller guys out there who need more power, but can outrun any of the bigger guys. (Attack players)

STX Alliance 135

The STX Alliance 135 is the balanced shaft of the three, and, you guessed it, it is made for people who balance power and speed to be an effective player. I’d recommend this shaft for most of the players out there, most people play a balanced style. (Middies, Attack players)

STX Alliance 160

The STX Alliance 160 is the strongest of the three, but still has some flex to help in your gameplay. This shaft is made for the powerhouses out there that would rather knock people clean over and then get the ball, instead of just taking it. This one is for the big guys. (Attack)

I don’t see where this shaft would actually help in defensive game play. I would definitely go STX Sc-Ti Pro for a d pole, there is no need for the shaft flexing when you are trying to deliver a good, hard check. It would probably take away from the power and strength of your hits.

Anyways, if you play an offensive position, and have the money, go STX Alliance. It will balance out your gameplay and further you in your lacrosse career. Also, I think the whole number- flex system is intriguing, the technology hidden in this lacrosse shaft is beyond anything else I have seen.

Nike Sprint



This lightweight shaft is made from scandium, a material highly valued among lacrosse shaft manufacturers for its great strength to weight ratio. It isn’t a cheap material, but when it comes to making the perfect shaft, they will do anything to beat the competition. Costing $110, it is reasonably expensive, but I think it is mostly worth that amount. The only thing that is going against this shaft being totally worth the cash is that the Krypto Pro, costing the same amount, is lighter than it. I haven’t seen either shaft break, so both of them’s durability is fine.

I personally think this shaft is great for middies, because it isn’t outrageously heavy or light like attack players seem to enjoy. The Nike Sprint provides a weight that balances power and speed, although I would say that it is a little more towards the speed end of that scale.


As for the design, it isn’t much more than the name and the Nike logo. Most people don’t really care, but for the more artistic lacrosse players that do care (if there are any out there), this isn’t the shaft for you. I would recommend the many different versions of the Warrior Kryptolyte, like the Warrior 2 Face Kryptolyte or the Kryptolyte Bombs for that.

Long Pole

This shaft is perfect for LSMs and defenders that are not strength oriented. Long stick middies favor light to balanced shafts, and this shaft is perfectly within that range. I would recommend it for the bigger LSMs, because I have seen LSMs that range from below 5 feet tall to above 6 feet tall. I would put this shaft in the hands of the LSMs above 5’6″, or I guess anyone with a stronger build. High schoolers should be able to handle the long pole version well. I would recommend the Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond would be a lighter and easier to handle shaft for younger kids or anyone who is more speed oriented. For a defender, this shaft would not be good for most lacrosse players. For defenders that are agile and throw more checks instead of harder checks, this shaft could be useful. Most defenders, however, are more strength oriented, and therefore would benefit from a heavier, sturdier shaft. I personally believe that defenders should be quick fellows instead of big and slow, because proper body defense requires you to be faster than the attack player you are defending against.

Helpful Tip

Since Nike made the mistake of making both shoes and a lacrosse shaft called the Nike Sprint, the model number for the shaft is 21054. Using that will help you avoid the shoes when looking for the shaft.



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