Warrior’s Diamond Grip and Grip Tape: Why to Use Them

Diamond Grip

An exclusive product to warrior and developed by warrior, the diamond grip is an all over grip. If the shafts name says diamond after it, then it has the diamond grip on it. Let me tell you, by personal experience, that this grip goes far and beyond some other shafts lousy grip that falls off after a few months, because the diamond grip is in the actual material of the shaft. This grip is astounding, it works extremely well, in all of my time of using the diamond grip (about a year), I have literally never been yardsaled (for those unfamiliar with this term, a yardsale is when one player literally knocks another player on the other team’s stick right out of his hands. This actually happens often.) When you are wielding a lacrosse stick with the diamond grip on it, you hands never slip; this is the sickest pre-applied grip on the market. Generally, a lacrosse stick with diamond grip on it costs about 20$ more than the same stick without the diamond grip on it, and trust me, it is worth every penny. It helps with harder, more accurate checks, and allows you to perform better fakes and dodges with ease. The diamond grip is a great investment, trust me.


Grip Tape

The other alternative (or addition) to diamond grip, grip tape can be found in almost every lacrosse player’s bag. It is a tool used by lacrosse players everywhere to stop your hand in specific places on the shaft, such as at the top of the shaft, to help with cradling and dodging, and towards the bottom of the stick, for a good place to put your hand while shooting or passing the ball. Grip tape can be applied to any shaft, and is lightweight, so it is a well used tool for obvious reasons. Costing around 5$ a roll, grip tape is pretty cheap, and a handy tool for any lacrosse player. Also, grip tape can be a special way to customize your lacrosse stick with different colors and designs. Grip tape is a cheap way to improve your accuracy, stick skills, and many other lacrosse skills.

Combining Both

Grip tape mixed with diamond grip can be a helpful combination, the grip helps you grab on to the shaft while the grip tape stops your hand in the correct places. I use a combination of both, and I have done some sick shots with the combination.



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