Warrior Macdaddy 3

Being a user of these gloves myself, I can honestly say that these are the comfiest and protective gloves I have ever worn. I use them now for a reason, and that reason is that they are just the best. They are very padded, but not enough to get in the way when you are facing off (this can and does happen with certain gloves). Also, even with the fierce padding on the back they still maintain flexibility beyond what most other top of the line gloves have to offer. I can almost guarantee you will not feel those annoying slaps at your backhand, and they will block a large amount of the blow when they start hitting with more force (perhaps after they realize that the periodic slaps aren’t really doing anything).


On the other hand, these gloves can cost, alone, mor than your whole lacrosse stick, and I’m talking head and shaft. These babies are right up in the 150′s, but generally speaking gloves are going to be a very expensive part of your lacrosse equipment. If, by the time you are atleast a sophomore, you are wearing atleast 100$ gloves, your undergeared. The step up to varsity is going to leave your hands sore.



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